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Metatarsus adductus

Metatarsus adductus is a foot deformity characterized by a sharp, inward angle of the front half of the foot. It is thought to occur as a result of the infant’s position inside the uterus where the feet are bent inward at the instep. Most cases resolve spontaneously and the majority of the remainder can be corrected with simple exercises.

Most children with metatarsus adductus can correct the deformity with normal use of their feet as they develop. These cases do not require any treatment.

If the forefoot adductus is severe, your doctor may prescribe stretching exercises which he will teach you to perform at home on the baby. X-rays are usually not necessary, unless the doctor suspects something else.

After about 3 to 4 months of observation and stretching exercises, if the forefoot adductus does not improve, treatment may be necessary. The treatment options are as follows:

1.Corrective shoes
2.Serial castings
3.Corrective bracing 

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*—————–HOT TIP—————–*


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